Schalko is a label based in Vienna, releasing experimental, electronic, minimal/wave and post-punk music in limited edition vinyl and download editions.

Each vinyl release is housed in a hand printed lino-cut sleeve and sealed with ribbon and a wax seal. A download code is included with each order.


Schalko (Two)  -  Various Artists -
mitra mitra; Reconstruction Works- LP

Featuring remixes of Image of Life, Noi Kabat, Oppenheimer MkII, Iv/An, Death By Delirium, Low Sea, Falle, Gran.

Black vinyl LP limited to 180 copies.

Hand printed linocut sleeve.

Release date - 30th  March 2021.

Pre-orders taken now.

Schalko Two

Limited copies of Konstruktivists - Konstruktive Kontinuum LP - Schalko (One) still available.

Schalko releases are only available directly from the label.

Releases can be purchased directly from our Bigcartel or Bandcamp page. Bigcartel prices are slightly lower, and include the option of tracked shipping and other back-catalogue and related releases.

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